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Product Image Sandalwood Fan in Glass Top Gift Box

Sandalwood Fan in Glass Top Gift Box

$ 1.99 $ 3.99

For centuries, the delicate scent of sandalwood has captured the imagination.  In India, temples have been constructed entirely of this rare, fragrant wood, and have emitted their graceful fragrance for hundreds of years.  Imagine hosting your wedding in the midst of such splendor, surrounded by sandalwood's heavenly aroma! You may not be able to fly all of your wedding guests off to a remote Indian temple, but these gorgeously-scented sandalwood fans will bring the grandeur of exotic far-off places right to your guests' very tables.  The intricate carving of each oriental fan makes them a captivating decorative piece as well as a way to keep guests cool during your event.  Perfect as wedding favors and bridal shower favors, these wedding fans add a touch of faraway enchantment to any special event.  Your guests will truly feel transported!Fans have a white tassel and come in a white glass top gift box. Personalized Label not included.

Size:  8" in length